Home and Away: If the waves don’t dump Justin, Leah should

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Dump him Leah.
Camera IconDump him Leah. Credit: Channel 7/Channel 7

If the waves don’t dump Justin, Leah should.

Leah can’t see a “future” for her and Justin anymore, which is kind of ironic because in the closing scene, he’s drowning in the surf while she watches on.

This is good news though because Leah can do so much better than Justin.

He just mopes around, occasionally grunting to communicate and that was before he was conned out of $90,000 by Susie the real estate agent.

Anyway Justin is really cranky because he’s slaving away at the garage while Leah is helping Alf and John with the books at the Surf Club, and not at work making money.

Justin looks dishevelled when he walks into the Surf Club and accuses Leah of not doing enough.

“One of us still needs to make sure we pay the bills,” Justin says in a rather passive-aggressive manner.

We are informed that the money the Surf Club already had prior to the Susie stuff is still there but the donations are gone, which means it’s going to be a struggle to fund the surf competition.

Apparently cancelling the comp isn’t an option. Plus Dean probably wants the validation that he’s a good dad because he’s good a surfing.

Back to Justin who must have decided he hasn’t finished fighting with the girlfriend enough and leaves work again to have it out in a public forum.

Forever moping.
Camera IconForever moping. Credit: Channel 7/Channel 7

“You have come in here spoiling for a fight and I’m not going to give you one,” Leah says.

Justin gets on the phone and yells at the police.

I’m sure you’re all aware that the police in Summer Bay actually do nothing apart from when there’s a cop character.

Think the diner robbery last year, not investigated and when Tane dumped the car that Nikau accidentally stole in a panicked moment, also not investigated.

So even though Susie only got a 20 minute head start, she’ll never be found.

Roo steps in to reason with Justin.

He says the future they built together is gone but the sentiment gets through and he meets up with Leah at Salt to talk it out.

They agree they can’t keep playing the “victim” card and need to more forward because the money is not coming back.

Looking for a scapegoat.
Camera IconLooking for a scapegoat. Credit: Channel 7/Channel 7

But the reconcilement is interrupted when John walks in.

Justin stands up and attacks John because he brought Susie into their lives and he’s just a convenient scapegoat really.

Justin is peak angry when he asks Leah who they should blame.

Leah blurts out “Susie and …”

Justin badgers her to finish her sentence and she admits she blames him for everything because he pushed too hard to get a loan when all the banks turned them down.

Justin runs off to the beach, takes a rogue surfboard and heads out in rage.

Leah runs after him. She stays ashore with her hands of her hips.

And then a giant wave comes out of nowhere and dumps Justin. He surfaces briefly and then the ocean takes him under again.

I’m still rooting for team Justin succumbs to Leah’s dead husband curse.

Meanwhile John apologises to Irene and Maz.

Another apology.
Camera IconAnother apology. Credit: Channel 7/Channel 7

“God knows you’ve been though worse,” Irene says to John.

I only started watching last year so I’m in the dark when it comes to being worse off than someone pretending to love you and taking all your money.

There’s also trouble in poolside paradise aka the Parata house.

Ryder and Chloe want to go “all the way to the city for a cocktail.” I’m in.

Take me with you.
Camera IconTake me with you. Credit: Channel 7/Channel 7

But Nikau and Bella aren’t keen. Well mostly Bella, so she mopes around for the rest of the day complaining about the loved-up couple because she can’t get any alone time with Nik.

It makes no sense because the four of them have been hanging out together since Chloe arrived.

They’re all in the pool when it becomes “too much” for Bella.

“I’m not used to big families and being around people,” Bella says.

That also makes no sense as until a few weeks ago Bella lived with Ziggy, Dean and Colby.

“I don’t know where I fit,” she says.

Nikau is all cute and snuggles up to Bella and tells her “you fit with me”.

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