Home and Away tonight: Sticky notes don’t get Tane a job but a pretty face lands Nikau a modelling gig

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Me, a model?
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Sticky notes don’t get Tane a job but a pretty face lands Nikau a modelling gig.

Even in Summer Bay where dining out is plentiful, there comes a time when the avo on toast doesn’t pay for itself anymore and a few of the characters are realising they need to get a job.

Bella and Nikau return from their big night in the city and walk along the beach, still high from the win.

Bella shows off her award around town, but it seems Nik and his flawless skin have made a lasting impression on the big wigs in the city.

He gets a call from a big shot modelling agent that was at the event the night before, and he’s offered work as a model.

Nik scoffs and is more interested in what’s for lunch and dismisses the invitation.

But I have a sneaking suspicion — since the producers went to all the effort to come up with this storyline — that this isn’t the last we’ve heard from this so-called top modelling agent.

Over at the surf club Irene steps in for Jas who is supposed to be hiring a new manager for the gym but she’s not feeling up to it given her psychopath boyfriend Lewis just killed Tori’s fiancé Budget McDreamy.

Irene rings in help from John for the all-important managerial appointment. They already have a pile of “contenders” that Willow arranged before she left Summer Bay for a new chance at love with an old flame.

They call Mia in for an interview, which sadly means Tane’s sticky note hasn’t cut it.

The interrogation.
Camera IconThe interrogation. Credit: Channel 7/Channel 7

“That’s what happens when you use post-it notes instead of a CV,” Tane says.

John begins “terrorising” Mia but he soon excuses himself to pick up the phone and Irene offers her the job on the spot.

“When can you start?” Irene says. “If you want it after all that nonsense, it’s yours.”

Mia goes home to share the good new with the rest of the gang.

The face Mia reserves for boasting.
Camera IconThe face Mia reserves for boasting. Credit: Channel 7/Channel 7

Everyone is there — Tane, Ziggy, Ari, Nik and Bella.

Tane is a bit disappointed because at whatever age he is — let’s say 30ish — he’s just realised he has some sort of ambition and wanted the job at the gym.

“For once I want do something in my life that’s going somewhere,” he says.

His arms would have enjoyed working at the gym very much, but Ari suggests that Tane steps into Ari’s job to keep it open while he recovers and at least as a tradie he can put his arms to good use.

Fashion parade.
Camera IconFashion parade. Credit: Channel 7/Channel 7

I know it’s a show but next thing Tane walks out in his high-vis ready for his first shift on site because apparently there’s no issues job sharing and he can begin immediately.

But playing happy families at the Parata house comes to an end for Ziggy, who is back on Mac babysitting duties.

Mac is understandably fragile after her miscarriage and complications but her attitude is apparently wearing Ziggy down.

And I say apparently because despite what the script said, Ziggy has only been seen at the Parata house for the past few days.

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