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Like father, like son.

On and off the court, Dan and Liam Hunt are big, real big. And not only in size, but stature.

But they are also gentle creatures. And from late last Saturday, they share something else — a State Basketball League title.

In 2000, Dan Hunt was a member of the Buccs inaugural title — son Liam joined him last weekend. And, in an outstanding on-court performance, he was judged the Most Valuable Player. Pre-game, he had given a changerooms chat to teammates which moved all — some saying they were close to tears and wore goosebumps.

The Geraldton Guardian asked Hunt Sr to talk about Hunt Jr — and vice-versa. Neither heard what the other had to say.

Liam on Dan

He’s left a legacy for us (my younger brother Jesse) from our high school teams in America to here with the Buccs to be the best basketballers we can be and the best people we can be.

He’s very enthusiastic and very positive and a very good problem solver. If there’s something to fix, he’ll fix it.

He can motivate the hell out of you — and he can sense when something is wrong. He’s a father, but he’s a very good friend, we have a very good relationship. It is so special sharing this (an SBL championship) with him. It’s a nice bonus.

Did I buy him a present on Father’s Day? My present to him was winning a championship.

Dan Hunt. He’s a great man, a great father and a better person.

Dan on Liam

He’s such a special guy, so kind, so unique. People are more important to him than anything else — himself included.

What he’s like was summed up when the Wolves fella crashed to the floor on Saturday night.

He was on the bench with his teammates, but he wanted to see if the kid was alright.

See he went to him and helped pick him up.

Liam’s always been unique and caring, others come first.

On the court, he wants all involved, he wants to share the spoils.

When he was picking his degrees to do in college, I told him, “Society needs people like you — honest, fair, loving”.

I recommended teaching, kids in school need people like him.

On the court, he’s the smartest player I’ve coached, got an amazing intellect.

Off it, he’s so considerate, with an addictive nature.

Father’s Day? Gave me a mug and sent me a text message.


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