Help-A-hero Clem finds mother’s keepsake

Geraldton Guardian

A Geraldton woman has been reunited with a necklace of sentimental value, thanks to the power of social media and an honest five-year-old boy.

Larissa Taylor had been photographing the Geraldton Lions and Redi Hire Children’s Party at Spalding Park earlier this month when she discovered the clasp of her necklace had come undone.

“When I got to my car I noticed my chain was hanging down when I took my camera bag off my shoulder and I freaked,” Mrs Taylor said.

“I was looking everywhere and walked back and forth, but as I was doing that I just thought to myself ‘there is no way I’m going to find this, it won’t happen’.”

The Geraldton mum posted to her photography page and social media site Help A Sister Out Geraldton for one last chance to track down the special pendant.

To her surprise, it worked.

Libby McDougall and her kids had been leaving the same Christmas party when her son Clem came across the pendant.

The pre-primary student from Chapman Valley Primary School handed it straight to his mum, who knew right away someone had to be looking for it.

“When Clem handed it to me I looked and thought, ‘Wow, what a beautiful piece. Someone must be looking for this’, so we went home and put it up on Help A Sister Out,” she said. “Straight away people started tagging Larissa and messaging me.”

Within minutes, Mrs Taylor was contacted by friends about Mrs McDougall’s post and was able to retrieve her pendant the next day.

She brought along a little token of appreciation for Clem, who she said was an amazing young boy.

“I gave him some chocolates, some little toy cars and a thank you card for being so kind and honest,” she said. “I was just shocked someone had found it and so thankful for Libby and her family.

“It just goes to show the power of social media.”

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