OPINION: Bandwagon-jumpers feathering their own nests

Grant WoodhamsGeraldton Guardian
There are true fans, like this man, and then there are those who jump on the bandwagon.
Camera IconThere are true fans, like this man, and then there are those who jump on the bandwagon. Credit: Getty Images

I rarely write about sport in this column for a range of good reasons but please forgive me for this week’s well-chosen words if you are anti-sport because the past couple of weeks have been interesting.

In the wake of the West Coast Eagles’ victory in the AFL Grand Final there have been a host of replays, numerous interviews, analysis, commemorative posters, Facebook-gone-mad posts and the like.

Football is an industry, a commercial operation plain and simple — to hell with everything else.

Immediately after the grand final, Geraldton held bandwagon week, when every man, woman and their respective dogs pulled on the blue and gold and paraded in the streets like it was normal — something they did every day.

Everyone jumped onboard to tell everyone else they were true Eagles supporters too, except of course if you followed the Dockers, which you kept to yourself.

Though I must admit even after the Eagles had swooped on the Magpies there was still some purple in the terrace to remind us there is more than one team in the competition.

Everyone loves a winner and probably those with even the slightest interest in the greatest game of all wanted to be on the right side of the ledger when the score was tallied.

They rummaged around in the backs of their wardrobes looking for a scarf, beanie, cap, shirt or jumper to proclaim their reborn blue- and-gold faith.

I blame capitalism gone silly and the commercial exploitation of what was once a great game where men (sorry girls, I’ll get around to the AFLW another day) had a life outside of taking screamers and resting in the back pocket.

They were normal human beings who just happened to play footy.

But now they’re made out to be something else.

It’s a tough gig for them, unless of course in the past week or so they pulled on the blue and gold and went into battle.

I am not a fan of bandwagonners.

They are the same people who come out on Melbourne Cup day to have a bet on a horse they’ve never heard of and then rush about excitedly telling everyone they won the race.

Bah humbug!

A pox on all you blue-and-gold bandwaggoners!

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