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Photo gallery: Geraldton students cook colourful cupcake creations as part of school holiday fun

Some of Geraldton’s budding bakers learnt the best part of cupcake making was getting to decorate and eat their creations last week. It was one of many activities organised by the City of Greater Geraldton, community organisations and local businesses to keep students busy during the school holidays. Hosted by Aleisha Williams of Willow’s Cakery, the classes gave the guys and gals the chance to get creative with their cupcake designs. Attendees were in charge of icing colour combinations, with some channelling Ms Williams’ signature pastel palette, while others opted for brighter pops of pink and yellow. They also learnt how to use piping bags to squeeze icing into swirls, floral shapes and other decorative designs. At the end of the class, students got to enjoy their edible masterpieces and take leftovers home to impress friends and family. Pictured is Tyla Wilhelm, Aleisha Williams, Sharron Purdy, Lydia Young, Luca Quelch, 8, Amarah Quelch, 12, and Harper Quelch, 10. Picture: Phoebe Pin/Geraldton Guardian

Geraldton Guardian

Luca Quelch, 10 Picture: Pictures: Phoebe Pin


Amarah Quelch, 12 Picture: Geraldton Guardian


Harper Quelch, 10 Picture: Geraldton Guardian


Tyla Wilhelm Picture: Geraldton Guardian


Aliesha Williams and Lydia Young Picture: Geraldton Guardian