Power of sport: The highs and lows of Geraldton’s multi-sports powerhouse Selina Kiddle

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Selina Kiddle saves for Busselton against Geraldton in the Water Polo Country Championships.
Camera IconSelina Kiddle saves for Busselton against Geraldton in the Water Polo Country Championships. Credit: Derek Goforth

There are multi-talented sportspeople, and then there are powerhouse athletes such as Selina Kiddle who excel at every sport they turn their hand to.

From cricket to soccer, softball to footy, hockey to water polo, Kiddle’s prowess at the top end of Geraldton sports knows no bounds.

Beyond the playing fields, Kiddle aspires to become a teacher and combines her studies with her smorgasbord of sport commitments.

It might be overwhelming for many but the juggling act is a joy for Kiddle, who says playing sport is a vital tool for her mental well-being.

Selina Kiddle and her multitude of sporting gear.
Camera IconSelina Kiddle and her multitude of sporting gear. Credit: Supplied

“Sport is how I regulate, it’s how I cope with life and it makes me so happy,” she said.

Beyond the adrenaline-fueled competition, Kiddle draws strength from her support network, including her psychologist who guides her through the unique challenges of ASD, ADHD and C-PTSD.

“My psychologist sees me for who I am, encourages me and always ensures that I play sport that I enjoy,” she shared, highlighting the crucial role mental health professionals and friends play in her life.

In the sporting realm, mentors such as Carlo Licastro and idols such as Sam Kerr also play pivotal roles.

Licastro, a constant companion in Kiddle’s soccer journey, encourages her to be the best person and player she can be, while meeting Kerr, her soccer idol, was a dream come true and deepened Kiddle’s commitment to reach her full potential.

Her proudest achievements include attending a Matildas’ camp at the Australian Institute of Sport, training with soccer legends and leading goal-scoring accolades in both football and soccer leagues.

In the GNFLW last season, Kiddle was the league’s leading goal kicker with 27 majors, including 11 she kicked in one game for the Northampton Rams.

Kiddle also topped the goal-scoring tally for the Mid West Soccer Association’s women’s competition last year with 46, including a game in which the Chapman Athletic striker scored 10 goals.

Selina Kiddle playing soccer.
Camera IconSelina Kiddle playing soccer. Credit: Supplied

However, it isn’t all about the individual stats and accomplishments — Kiddle’s impact extends to every team she joins.

Kiddle plays for the Rats water polo club in Geraldton and recently participated in the country championships, this time as a drafted player for Busselton.

Over the weekend, she helped the Busselton women secure their first win in the country competition.

“I’m over the moon and could not have been more proud to play for the team and help them with their first ever win,” she said.

On the hockey field, Kiddle has evolved from a goalkeeper to a formidable force on the field, as described by her coach Lyn Tapper.

Selina Kiddle for Pi's.
Camera IconSelina Kiddle for Pi's. Credit: Derek Goforth

Despite occasional accidents, a testament to her fierce competitiveness, Kiddle remains a pleasure to coach, leaving an indelible mark on the Yacht Club women’s A res team.

“Four years ago, the Yacht Club Women’s A res team that I coach were without a goalie. Selina came along to help us out and over this time has developed into a formidable goalkeeper,” Tapper said.

“She is a natural in the pads, moving freely in the gear that others often find cumbersome. She has a powerful voice on the field encouraging her teammates and controlling the game from the back.

Selina Kiddle gives thanks to her teamates on her way to 11 goals for Northampton.
Camera IconSelina Kiddle gives thanks to her teamates on her way to 11 goals for Northampton. Credit: Jake Santa Maria

“She is respected by all those she plays with. Opposition players also show a healthy respect for Selina.”

Even in moments of injury, Kiddle’s dedication doesn’t waver. Tapper points out how Kiddle remains a constant presence at games, offering encouragement and support to her teammates, a testament to her unwavering commitment.

The sporting story of this multi-discipline dynamo is far from over, but its narrative of resilience, determination and person growth highlights the power and connection of sport.

Selina Kiddle playing cricket.
Camera IconSelina Kiddle playing cricket. Credit: Supplied

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