Reporter’s review: Taking Geraldton’s new e-scooter for a spin

Jamie ThannooGeraldton Guardian
The foreshore is a great place to take the e-scooter for a spin.
Camera IconThe foreshore is a great place to take the e-scooter for a spin. Credit: Jamie Thannoo

I’m new to the profession, but I’m fast learning one of the perks of journalism is getting to check out new things before everyone else, and also make a fool of yourself before everyone else.

I was lucky to get to take the new Beam e-scooter, 300 of which can be found across Geraldton from Friday, for a pre-launch test ride.

Riding an e-scooter is a new thing for me and, until recently, I assumed they would be quirky fad rather than a key mode of transport.

Like your first time on a bike or skateboard, it’s an unusual experience, but the e-scooter quickly comes to you.

The scooter has weight to it, solid brakes, and accelerates controllably with the push of a button.

The most confusing part will probably be the double kickstand, designed to prevent the scooter from tipping over.

It’s not particularly difficult, and it’s a very minor thing, but it may feel unintuitive at first.

While the e-scooter will probably be easier to master than a bike or skateboard, I would certainly still recommend getting your head around it first in a relatively empty area.

For the most part, Beam’s e-scooter is a fairly simple gadget, which can reach a top speed of 25km/h, but it’s also fun.

Taking it for a spin along the foreshore is a great feeling, and it’s really exciting to me to see enjoyment can be a part of our transport solutions for the future.

I’m sure I’ll be taking an e-scooter for another ride pretty soon.

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