Sainthoods for our fireys

Peter FiorenzaGeraldton Guardian
Rural Fire Service firefighters mop up near Sussex Inlet, NSW, on December 31.
Camera IconRural Fire Service firefighters mop up near Sussex Inlet, NSW, on December 31. Credit: Sam Mooy / Getty Images


I have come to the conclusion, that whatever way you look at it, climate change has played a part in this whole bushfire disaster.

Based on the information I have seen and read, you simply cannot deny it. But I have been saddened by the focus on politics during one of the toughest events this country has suffered.

This has done nothing but serve as a tool to polarise the community at a time when we should be united.

I could not understand that barbs (some created by sections of the media) were being thrown from the moment the catastrophe took hold.

Maybe I’m naive but shouldn’t something such as this be dealt with in a bipartisan way?

With fear of becoming part of the rhetoric I am condemning, I would like to take a look at the other side — the public response which, quite frankly, has been amazing.

I am continually blown away by human nature.

The donations of goods and money that are flooding in from all around the nation are incredible.

Emergency services just cannot cope with the clothes, food and other home items that are being provided.

Donations of money have come from both the big end of town, including actors and entertainers, and little boys selling homemade Anzac biscuits.

And locally, the support has been heartening, to say the least.

I noted one page on social media raising in excess of $30 million in a few days.

And what about those going back into the burnt forests to recover injured wildlife?

I saw one clip of a man walking through the charred remains of vegetation to rescue a little burnt and injured koala.

But for me, the sacrifices of our volunteer bush fire brigade personnel and emergency services cannot be matched.

There is no doubt these men and women protecting Australian families, are nothing short of saints.


Peter Fiorenza is the host of SHL Sunday 10am-noon on Radio MAMA, which will return early in February.

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