Near-miss a safety reminder

Sebastian Neuweiler, GERALDTON GUARDIANGeraldton Guardian

We’ve all heard the expression “being stuck between a rock and a hard place”, but how many people can say they have found a literal meaning in the age-old adage?

What could have easily been a fatal accident on a Geraldton street has instead been a timely reminder for all to adhere to road safety rules.

On Wednesday, August 5, Eric Perejuan, 21, was driving on Eastward Road towards the traffic lights with his wife Xuejun Wu and his five-week-old daughter, when he was run off the road.

Beside him a car began to change lanes straight into Mr Perejuan — the driver hadn’t checked a blind spot.

Mr Perejuan was travelling between 50 and 60km/h at the time and had to swerve off the road to avoid a collision.

Mr Perejuan said he had been placed in a position where he would either be in a collision with the other vehicle or risk hitting a sign head on, on the other side of the road.

“I was trying to keep an eye on the sign and her car at the same time, ” he said.

“But trying to make sure I was off the road in case she hit me — it scared the hell out of me.

“I was worried about whether we were going to get through and hit something or not.

“But obviously my main concern was for my wife and our baby.”

According to the Road Safety Commission there have been 48 fatal car accidents in regional WA since August 4.

Mr Perejuan said his experience was a reminder for people to make sure they’re being safe and careful on the road.

“Lately I’ve seen a lot of people making easy and careless mistakes when they’re out driving,” he said.

“You just need to watch what you’re doing. She would have hit me if I didn’t go off the road.”

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