Iron Man ‘gravity flight suit’ worth $450,000 on sale at London’s Selfridges

Steph BaumgartelThe West Australian
The suit records speeds of up to 50km/h and climbs almost 4000m from the ground.
Camera IconThe suit records speeds of up to 50km/h and climbs almost 4000m from the ground.

If you’ve ever wanted to be a superhero, now’s your chance to live out that dream… as long as you have $450,000 to spare.

An Iron Man “gravity flight suit” created by British inventor Richard Browning has gone on sale in London Department store Selfridges.

The jet suit has five miniature jet engines mounted to the arms and back of the suit, using diesel or jet fuel to launch it off the ground.

The suit has a Guinness World Record for the high speeds it’s able to master, recording speeds of up to 50km/h and climbing almost 4000m from the ground.

The size and weight of the suit limits the amount of fuel it can carry, and consuming about four litres every minute while flying it can only sustain around three minutes in the air. The company is looking to boost the flight time but it’s likely to only increase to about nine minutes as a consequence of not having wings.

The suit takes off vertically and has a jet pack for propulsion, with the creator saying the feel of flying in the suit is smooth and surprisingly not very violent.

“It’s very passive and gentle when you’re flying it,” Browning said.

Only nine of the exorbitantly priced suits are available to be purchased, with the price tag including a course on how to fly it.

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