Home and Away Review: Jasmine pulls out the unfit mum card and wants custody of baby Gracie

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Colby with his good cop hat
Camera IconColby with his good cop hat Credit: Channel 7

Crazy Jasmine is back in full flight and my earlier predictions about her getting full custody of baby Gracie are looking like they will come to fruition.

She hears the news of Gracie’s kidnapping and becomes highly distressed. She rushes over to Tori’s house and requests a “cuddle”, but Tori refuses.

This enrages Jasmine and she doesn’t waste any time suggesting Tori is an unfit mother for leaving the baby and the keys in the car.

It gets to Tori, and she blames herself for Grace’s disappearance.

“You and I both know that Robbo never would have taken his eyes off Grace,” Tori says to Justin.

He consoles her by reminding her she’s a good mum.

Jas immediately seeks approval from her internet friends on the baby forum. She posts about a friend who left her baby alone in the car and it’s not long before the messages come flooding in and affirm how she feels.

Jasmine seeks approval from her internet friends.
Camera IconJasmine seeks approval from her internet friends. Credit: Channel 7

Then she moves onto Colby to plant the unfit mum seed.

“Is it a crime to leave a baby in a car unattended?” she asks.

But it doesn’t take and he insists it was an accident.

Next thing Jas is on the phone enquiring about her rights as a step mum. The lawyer says she has no legal ground to stand on, which only infuriates her more.

“A baby is in danger, someone has to protect her,” she says.

So it looks like we’re in for many, many more weeks of Jasmine’s antics.

The eyes say it all: petrified
Camera IconThe eyes say it all: petrified Credit: Channel 7

Then we come back to Nikau who is being questioned by Colby and to our surprise he’s playing the good cop role.

But his efforts don’t have the desired effect and Nik refuses to talk without a lawyer.

Nik is returned to his uncles and Tane makes some sly remark while flexing his arms, but Colby is immune to his charms.

Tane shows off his arms at the police station.
Camera IconTane shows off his arms at the police station. Credit: Channel 7

Tane mocks Colby, “I’m just blown away by the stellar police work.”... We all are.

Gem has made plans to take Mikaere’s ashes back to New Zealand. She broaches the subject with the boys, so they’re all going to be away for a few weeks.

No doubt this will not bide well with Colby when he hears.

Mackenzie is very sympathetic and understandably so, she did tell Bella she was very happy with her relationship with Tane.

Bella is also looking out for Nikau.

He doesn’t really have anyone else, his supposed BFF Ryder hasn’t been in the last few episodes and he has his own emotional crisis to deal with.

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