Home and Away REVIEW: The fate of Mia, Nikau and Dean hangs in the balance, quite literally

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RIP trusty steed.
Camera IconRIP trusty steed. Credit: Jeremy Greive/Jeremy Greive

After two weeks of nightly couch sessions eating chocolate while people in peak form do impressive things, we are back to normal programming.

But there are so many petals, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d accidentally tuned into a Bachie rose ceremony.

Petal-aided wooing aside, let’s get to the main attraction. The fate of Mia, Nikau and Dean hangs in the balance, quite literally, after Dean swerves off the road to avoid hitting a kangaroo and the car ends up teetering on the edge of a cliff face.

Even if no one dies, we have lost a Sumer Bay icon: Dean’s car.

If you’re in need of a bit of a refresher, here’s the lead up to the crash.

After suffering a tragic loss in the past, Mia and Ari are thrilled to be pregnant with a baby girl and have picked out a name. Even Mac, who was with Ari before he dumped her for Mia, is happy for them.

Ziggy and Dean broke up nearly a year ago after Dean confessed to Zig he had something to do with dead Ross’ murder. She’s currently with Tane and his incredibly muscular arms but after a passionate smooch with Dean, she’s having second thoughts.

THAT kiss.
Camera IconTHAT kiss. Credit: Jeremy Greive/Jeremy Greive

Nik made a fool of himself in public, declaring his love for Bella at her photography exhibition in front of all the big city wigs.

“If your father could see you now, he’d be ashamed,” Ari says to Nik.

Then Nik ran away.

So now Mia and Dean have picked up Nik from wherever he ran away to. Nik will get the blame for whatever tragedy ensues since it’s his fault they are there.

We find Nik lying on a grassy knoll. He regains consciousness when a fly finds a home on his face. He grunts a lot.

Camera IconOuch. Credit: Supplied/Supplied

He’s quite far away from the car and knows he must get back there to save Mia and Dean. I’m no doctor but I’d say he has a broken shoulder and some innards have shifted about.

Mia is putting on a brave face even though she’s writhing in pain. She’s probably going to lose the baby because the scriptwriters are cruel and never get tired of a mismarriage.

Dean looks a bit dead though.

I think he’ll be in a dire state for a while and when Zig is faced with the prospect of losing him forever, she’ll decide she loves him and unfortunately dump Tane and his arms.

Not the worst spot for a nap.
Camera IconNot the worst spot for a nap. Credit: Supplied

The crash is actually good timing for Dean because, as I’ve been going on about for a while, he’s got no purpose in the show at the moment since his best mate Colby is in jail for life, his son, Jai, is out of the picture and he has no girlfriend.

Mia tells Nik to “get help”.

“No,” Nik replies, then says “I’ll be right back.”

He begins the long, lonely trek up what is really much steeper than a grassy knoll, to find help. He begins hallucinating which causes him to slip on some uneven terrain and lose consciousness.

But Mia proves to be a bit of a MacGyver and siphons a knife out of a broken piece of glass to cut herself free of her seatbelt.

Then Dean comes to with a grunt.

“What’s happening” he says all aloof until the pain kicks in and he is coughing and spluttering all over the place, wishing that he didn’t wake up.

“Just go,” he manages to say to Mia.

At this point Nik manages to make it to the top of the steep ravine at which point a car zooms past and doesn’t see him. Oh the humanity.

Back in town at the rose ceremony, Christian — aka Budget McDreamy (BM) — is pulling out all the stops to pull his own fiancee with another proposal, after he jilted her back in May her for a patient.

Tori likes Bachie.
Camera IconTori likes Bachie. Credit: Supplied/Supplied

It’s a massive red flag putting your work in front of your relationship days before the wedding but Tori has forgiven BM for some unknown reason.

“How did you do all this,” Tori says impressed with the roses and candles.

Well BM actually did nothing, it was all the doings of Leah and Justin, but mostly Leah.

Pleased with the work of his minions.
Camera IconPleased with the work of his minions. Credit: Supplied/Supplied

Maz arrives just in time to collect baby Gracie. We’ve never seen her wearing something so causal, so the happy couple can have quality romantic time together.

At least she’s in pink.
Camera IconAt least she’s in pink. Credit: Jeremy Greive/Jeremy Greive

“I just want to get back to the time when you were tripping over yourself to impress me,” BM says to Tori.

“I'm going to trip over myself to impress you.”

It’s going to take a lot more than than to win me over.

But who am I kidding. We’ve all seen the promos and we know there’s going to be a wedding regardless of what I think.

These two are in on it as well.

Justin sure came out of his severe addiction quickly.
Camera IconJustin sure came out of his severe addiction quickly. Credit: Jeremy Greive/Jeremy Greive

But it’s Summer Bay so the wooing couldn’t possibly go ahead without a small hiccup.

I’m expecting BM will bend the knee to propose but his phone will ring and he’ll have to decide between Tori or going to the scene of the crash to save Dean’s life.

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