Jeff of Heroes

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Cael Robson’s winning Upper Primary Prose entry in the Geraldton Regional Library’s 2016 Randolph Stow Young Writers’ Awards. Cael represents Allendale Primary School.

There once was a nugget named Jeff, he was the hero of chicken land in MacDonald’s world for he had saved them from the evil ketchup. It was an epic battle but in the end the almighty nugget warrior defeated the evil condiment by delivering a crushing blow sending ketchup flying into the fry and then all the way into outer steak and then all the way out of the burgery way galaxy.

All was peaceful for some time until the evil ketchup returned with an army of sauces and the legendary barbecue sauceicorn. The hero was terrified and fled to his secret lair, he pummelled the ground to form tunnels and finally found what he was looking for, the secret underground archives. He searched the many many shelves for what he was looking for until he found it. The book on how to defeat the legendary barbecue sauceicorn he needed to find the other legendary beast, the puppy monkey baby and receive a gift, the mace of the mountain dew. He pummelled at the ground for days on end and almost cried listening to the destruction and terror the ketchup was causing but it gave him hope to hear that the citizens were not following in his footsteps and fleeing but fighting back against the foul ketchup so he pummelled even harder until one day he found it the cave of the legendary beast. The one. The only. Puppy monkey baby he ventured deeper and deeper into the twists and turns of the maze like cave until he found a clue. Go left then right then get a fright then the beast you will have found. So he did left then right then an axe dropped from the roof, he avoided it easily, there’s the fright. And as he walked round the next corner there it was, the legendary beast the puppy monkey baby, he walked in carefully knowing that the place was booby trapped

He made it to the beast in one piece and asked for help, the puppy monkey baby was a very wise creature that looked like a monkey with a baby’s legs and a pugs head, it was as tall as a human and could fly using its pug power and the beast was levitating above an altar drinking a bottle of mountain dew. He said to Jeff “take the mace of mountain dew and destroy the evil ketchup”, exclaimed the beast. “Only if you come and take your brother barbecue sauceicorn away”, said Jeff. “Fine” bellowed the legendary creature. So Jeff flew with the legendary creature back to the ravaged town and arranged his army. “On the count of three we charge, ” bellowed Jeff. “1... 2...3. Charge”, !!!!.” He bellowed. They ran and fought for their lives in the biggest war the world had ever seen ; it raged on for days months years centuries until finally the burger king had had enough. he decided it was time to end the war. He flew across the galaxy and finally stopped at Macdonald’s world and clicked his fingers. Boom Macdonald’s world was gone, the war was ended and the evil ketchup along with everything else was gone. The burger king was happy and no war as bad as this one ever raged on in the galaxy of burger ever again.

Jack awoke dazed and sleepy. The television was on, blaring a theme statement. He barely made it out but just heard it. The burgers are better at hungry jacks it blared, jack hopped off the couch and mumbled as he was walking off. I agree.

* Copies of the 2016 winners booklet can be purchased from Geraldton Regional Library for $12.

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