OPINION: Lockdown makes us realise what we’ve got

Peter FiorenzaGeraldton Guardian
The Geraldton foreshore.
Camera IconThe Geraldton foreshore. Credit: The Geraldton Guardian

The other day I pulled up at the end of Forrest Street to get my morning coffee on the way to work.

Suddenly a car pulled up alongside, a woman jumped out and headed towards the rocks near the ocean.

Then another car, and another.

Soon there were people lined up all along the rocks clicking away with their phones.

Was there something in the water?

Maybe a whale had strayed into the harbour, or was there a strange vessel sailing in?

As I watched with interest, some of the photographers walked across the road and towards the boat marina and I suddenly realised what all the fuss was about.

Across the top of the harbour was a thick band of dark cloud that was reflecting one of the most colourful sunrises I had ever seen.

Wow! It was like a scene in an edition of National Geographic magazine.

No wonder there were people scooting around left, right and centre, getting a glimpse and trying to record this wonderful moment.

And it, indeed, was a moment.

Within no time, the vision reverted back to just dark clouds across the marina.

Maybe this has happened before, but I cannot remember such vibrant watercolour-like images here in Geraldton.

As for the recent sunsets, well, there are probably not enough superlatives to describe how good they have been.

I don’t know for sure, but I think the COVID-19 lockdown measures have contributed to a new realisation that we live in a pretty good place — a special part of Australia, a special part of the world.

Throughout the last couple of months, many local residents, like me, have been taking the opportunity to get out on to a fantastic foreshore.

Running, riding bikes or just having a stroll (I am certainly grouped with the strollers).

I think it gave locals a chance to get out and sample a bit of their own town and realise how good we actually have it.

With the foreshore as the centrepiece, Geraldton is a great-looking town, to say the least.

I reckon the lockdown has actually had something of a silver lining for this place.

We’ve got to acquaint ourselves properly with our home and be reminded about why we live here.

And it’s not just getting to know the landscape, but also getting to know how other people in the Mid West tick.

I believe isolation restrictions also saw a surge in support for many local businesses, with many discovering local products and services were pretty good.

It’s hoped this attitude will continue.

In the past couple of months, we’ve really had the chance to take a fresh look at Geraldton.

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