Put stars in her eyes with a Zodiac-style Mother’s Day gift made in Geraldton

Lisa FavazzoGeraldton Guardian
Chris Bolton at her studio in the Old Geraldton Gaol Craft Centre.
Camera IconChris Bolton at her studio in the Old Geraldton Gaol Craft Centre. Credit: The Geraldton Guardian

Has Mother’s Day crept up and caught you by surprise? Can’t think of that perfect way to show your mum you care? Take a look at these local gifts — with just a little assistance from the Zodiacs.


February 20-March 20

A tender Piscean loves having somebody (or something) to look after. That’s how you turned out so well-adjusted. They are generous, giving and switched on to the needs of the people around them, while always making time to tend their own garden. Succulent Kiss sells funky plant hangers, $12, which they make in-house. Your Piscean mum already has several house plants — unlike you, they have never pooped their pants — and she’s probably running out of room on the floor. This plant hanger will allow her to continue turning her home into a succulent jungle.

An affordable plant holder made in Geraldton.
Camera IconAn affordable plant holder made in Geraldton. Credit: The Geraldton Guardian


March 21-April 20

Those born under the sun sign of Aries are uncomplicated and funny — your mum is no different. She probably lights up every space she enters and has a home, garden or office bursting with personality. D n D Designs, stocked at Luna Ra in Glenfield, creates sculptures from reclaimed metals. Prices vary from $25-$100. We love the little piggy, but your mum is her own unique little flower, and you’re the petite fleur best placed to pick a design that suits her smile.

Two homemade sculptures made from upcycled metals.
Camera IconTwo homemade sculptures made from upcycled metals. Credit: The Geraldton Guardian


May 22-June 11

Your Gemini mum spends so much time with her nose in other people’s business she could get a PhD in drama. Maybe she has a PhD? She’s smarter than a fox, generally having the final word on spats on the local Facebook noticeboard page. It’s exhausting being perfect, she needs you to push her to relax with an Aromatopia gift pack — including an eye mask, candle and bath soak — from Nature’s Choice on Marine Terrace, $60. Store team member Lisa Harrison lovingly puts them together. It’s the perfect gift your full-speed-ahead mother never knew she needed.

An Aromatopia relaxation gift pack.
Camera IconAn Aromatopia relaxation gift pack. Credit: The Geraldton Guardian


June 22-July 23

Your generous, kind and loving mama probably doesn’t care too much about presents. She just wants to spend Mother’s Day by your side. But that doesn’t mean a thoughtful treat won’t be the cherry on top of an already lovely gesture. Luna Ra, a store in Glenfield that stocks locally made goods, sells hand-crafted shawls from Woolee Creations, $40. Not only does the lovely creator behind the pieces knit them herself, she also rears, sources and spins her wool. Say thank you to the Cancerian woman who reared you, knitting you into someone beautiful.

Alpaca wool shawls.
Camera IconAlpaca wool shawls. Credit: The Geraldton Guardian


August 24-October 23

So, your mum’s a little basic? The Virgo woman loves her “live, laugh, love” wall art and her Facebook profile picture is a flower growing in her garden. She’s sharp as a tack and you’ve always been pretty honest with her because it’s easier than pulling the wool over her eyes. This Mother’s Day, get her a locally made natural soy candle, around $28. We found some delicious ones at Ascential Float — sweet pea vanilla, chai latte.

Locally made candles.
Camera IconLocally made candles. Credit: The Geraldton Guardian


September 24-October 23

If your mother is a Libra, her social life probably pops more than yours. Maybe she has a caravan decked out better than your actual home. She probably can’t go anywhere without stopping to chat with several people. Treat the Libran who gave you life to a locally designed Pink Lake Road neoprene picnic rug. She can take it with her anywhere she goes, sit on it with whoever she likes. And it will come in handy the next time she runs out of chairs. You can buy the rugs from Tarts & Co in town and the Pink Lake Road website, from $30 a pop.

Pink Lake Road picnic blankets.
Camera IconPink Lake Road picnic blankets. Credit: The Geraldton Guardian


April 21-May 21

Your Taurean mother has impeccable taste. Every morning, she chooses order and style. She spends most of her downtime cuddled up on the couch with a book — and she is the only person you know without dust on her bookshelf. People around her are both scared of her and crave her high-powered vibes. A Taurean mum could make a statement in a potato sack, but that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t love some home-grown statement jewellery from Kim Tetlow’s silver collection, $45. It’s industrious, understated and firm — just like your mum.

Kim Tetlow silver jewellery.
Camera IconKim Tetlow silver jewellery. Credit: The Geraldton Guardian


November 23-December 21

Anyone who has ever lived with a Sagittarian knows they are a sun sign full of chatty-Cathys, as they should be. They’re brilliant and their minds are constantly brewing something amazing. This Mother’s Day, buy her a handmade Chris Bolton journal, $50. They are crafted from reclaimed fabric in the Old Geraldton Goal Craft Centre. Just like your mum’s dinner table conversation, no two are the same. Give her a special place to pour out her heart. She’ll still have plenty of words to share afterwards.

Three of Chris Bolton's handmade journals.
Camera IconThree of Chris Bolton's handmade journals. Credit: The Geraldton Guardian


July 24-August 23

Your Leo mum is a lot of work, but you wouldn’t have it any other way. All her friends are well versed in your many achievements and you’ve always been in awe of her fire. She’s confident, generous and has a real taste for the finer things in life. John Butler told the Geraldton Guardian the Abrolhos Islands were one of his favourite places. Your Leo mum loves a good name- drop. Why not get her a pearl harvested straight from the music man’s beloved slice of Mid West paradise? Leon Baker Jewellery sells Abrolhos pearl bracelet designs from $160. Others also carry the gem.

An Abrolhos pearl from Leon Baker Jewellers.
Camera IconAn Abrolhos pearl from Leon Baker Jewellers. Credit: The Geraldton Guardian


October 24-November 22

If your mum is a Scorpio, you’ll be well versed in her tendency to read into everything. If you are married, she probably cried so hard she was a mess by the end of your wedding day. Everything she’s ever said was dripping with meaning. Much of Yamaji Art newcomer Raharna Peterson’s work, starting at $50 apiece, is crafted around the theme of mother-child relationships. It’s unmistakably fresh, contemplative, and perfect for any bare walls at Mum’s.

Young Yamaji artist Raharna Peterson's work, much of which is centred around her expierience of motherhood.
Camera IconYoung Yamaji artist Raharna Peterson's work, much of which is centred around her expierience of motherhood. Credit: The Geraldton Guardian


December 22-January 20

Your mama is a real classic. Your favourite loveable robot, she thinks more like a brilliant algorithm than an actual living being. When she glitches out, she loves nothing more than peace, quiet and to be around something familiar. This year, get her one of local artist Narelle Beaver’s prints of the Geraldton port, $90. The work is sophisticated, straightforward, and calming. It will be the perfect anti-virus on her bad days, reminding her of home, sunny days, and you.

A Narelle Beaver print, featuring the Geraldton port.
Camera IconA Narelle Beaver print, featuring the Geraldton port. Credit: The Geraldton Guardian


January 21-February 19

It’s been a big year for your Aquarian mum. She used to love conspiracy theories, but ever since they started appearing on minion memes she’s not so sure anymore. Don’t worry, she’s too smart to get sucked into fake news and has just gone back to believing in aliens. Get her a macrame crystal-holding necklace from 2Havens Gifts & Clothing, $18. Designed by local maker Myra Brockman, it’s sure to match her aesthetic and keep the bad juju away.

Isla Paterson, 17, wearing one of Myra Brockman's macrame crystal holders.
Camera IconIsla Paterson, 17, wearing one of Myra Brockman's macrame crystal holders. Credit: The Geraldton Guardian

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