What I See with Peter Fiorenza: Top up your energy levels to keep lid on daily stress

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Many people suffer from anxiety in varying degrees.
Camera IconMany people suffer from anxiety in varying degrees. Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

It’s about this time of the year when my anxiety levels tend to rise.

I’m not quite sure why. There are a number of factors, I suppose, but if I could put my finger on the main cause, it would be a great help. Now, I have spoken about my anxiety before, and also the fact there are many individuals just like me, who suffer from it in various degrees.

And I believe that writing about it in the past proved a solace for some who read this column. The factors that cause my anxiety levels to rise mid-year could possibly include pressures at work, the daily grind of commitments, combined with extra issues that are not normally part of the usual scheme of things. You know those issues that “throw a spanner into the works”.

Ironically, when broken down these factors are not anything, ultimately, that cannot and will not be dealt with effectively in the end. Which is nearly always the case. So why the extra angst?

When all is said and done, I reckon the “eye in the ointment” is lack of energy.


Maybe too many of us are getting caught up too much in the hype of activity, that we are forgetting to replenish our energy levels. And I believe this is not so much a replenishment of physical energy, but mental energy too. Actually, you could say these go hand-in-hand.

For instance, taking time out to walk the dog or go for a big stroll along the beach are simple de-stressors. Another way of reducing stress levels, for me, is to do something outside the cycle, such as forcing yourself to spend time with friends or family.

The opportunity to put yourself into another environment, both physically and mentally, can also release a pressure valve.

This serves to allow you to have some perspective — allowing you to step away and get some realisation. Should I really be worrying about this or that? It’s amazing how the mind can then reset and somewhat rejuvenate.

I find it is also good to share how you are feeling when you are anxious or stressed, and I have some go-to people who are a tremendous help. Often, they are individuals who also suffer to some extent from anxiety.

The opportunity to put yourself into another environment, both physically and mentally, can also release a pressure valve.

Developing confidence, my friends, is definitely one of the answers and indeed the way to overcome many of those perceived road-blocks.

If you are experiencing difficulties, you can contact Lifeline on

13 11 14.

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