Your resolution will be easier than it feels

Edward ScownGeraldton Guardian
Vincent Van Gogh didn't pick up painting until he was 27.
Camera IconVincent Van Gogh didn't pick up painting until he was 27. Credit: Vincent Van Gogh

Ah, the new year. A time to pile pressure on yourself to be better than last year, only to give up on your resolution by February.

There are some common ones: lose weight, travel more — good luck — or maybe you want to learn a new skill. As someone who’s going through that process, I’ll say it’s much more achievable as an adult than you think, so long as you’re willing to stuff it up a few times first.

I’ve recently picked up the bass guitar. It seems a simple instrument, but I still made some rookie mistakes that hopefully you can learn from.

The first one was buying the gear on a whim. Sure, I scored a nice bass for a decent price, but it sat in the corner for months, a stark reminder of my failed attempt to be the next Krist Novoselic.

People are generally keen to bring others into their world, especially with stranger hobbies. I’d give anyone a crack on my racing simulator, and I should’ve tried before I bought here too.

Do be aware that you are going to suck the first time though.

I went in expecting to be shredding like Flea, and I definitely was not. A bit of pre-performance research would have gone a long way to avoid me standing there asking “how do I play a G?”

I was lucky enough to find people who let me know if I was improving. It’s hard to tell, especially with creative things. Just someone saying “that was better” is a good enough measurement for me.

Despite going in blindfolded a couple of months ago, we’re now looking at recording. Not bad for a bloke who’s only just picked up the instrument.

So if you’re still pondering that new year’s resolution, take Daniel Ricciardo’s advice — lick the stamp and send it on a new skill.

You might find your new passion, or you might find what it isn’t — winning either way.

Edward Scown is a reporter at the Geraldton Guardian

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