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Close your eyes and think. What would life be like if you didn’t have a roof over your head, a meal on the table and work?

If you’ve got somewhere to live, somewhere to get a feed and somewhere to work, what else matters?

A bed, a feed, a job.

These are things most of us take for granted.

However, there are many who don’t have one, let alone all, of “the necessities” of life.

To most of us, we are the Lucky Country. There are some who think we’re anything but.

Without a job, man (and woman) struggles to get a bed and a feed.

Give him work and the money comes. Then the bed and the feed follow. So do other things. Self-esteem, confidence, independence and real purpose.

Many folk genuinely looking for work cannot find it.

The feeling of continually getting knocked back – or not even interviewed – is soul-destroying.

In the main, the male is still expected (even if self thought) to be the breadwinner.

If he’s out of work for a lengthy period, it can lead to the likes of drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence, crime and a total sense of hopelessness.

Therefore, being gainfully employed is more than making money. Much more.

The challenge I am throwing to Geraldton is this: let us lower the rising unemployment level in 2015.

Let us bring it in well under the state and national level.

Sure, there will always be people who cannot find work, mainly because they don’t want to.

But they are outweighed by genuine job seekers.

Business, please help them next year.

Whether it be with yourself, your neighbour, the bloke up or down the road, try and find a job for somebody.

It will change their life, it will do the same for yourself.

Close your eyes and think. Where would you be if you didn’t have work?

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